VOICES FROM LEIMERT PARK REDUX: A los angeles poetry anthology

edited by shonda buchanan

Voices from Leimert Park Redux is a symphony of diverse voices echoing the collective heartbeat of a community. In 2006, Voices From Leimert Park revealed one of the best kept secrets of the Los Angeles literary scene: African-American and other writers of color were producing nationally known and respected poetry, fiction, and nonfiction within the Leimert Park literary community. Voices from Leimert Park Redux, again under the editorial direction of Shonda Buchanan, embraces radical new voices, and melds them with the well-seasoned tonality of Griots at home, on street corners, and in libraries. Listen to the Voices from Leimert Park Redux and realize that you have just entered that safe place where truth is still being created with every honest breath.

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linda bannister and james e. Hurd, Jr.

In the summer of 1964, hundreds of student volunteers came down from the North and Midwest into Mississippi to build freedom schools and register Negro voters. The federal government was reluctant to interfere in States’ business and, when these workers went south, they had only their zeal and non-violent resistance to protect them. One Sunday in Mississippi depicts the moment when three workers—one black, two white—disappeared in the field in Neshoba County, Mississippi. This is their story.

This one act play explores facts and fictions of the Civil Rights Movement; reflects the political and emotional timbre of the time; and probes the nature of racism. Based on interviews with surviving relatives and friends of James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman, One Sunday in Mississippi features the differing points of view of the three slain workers as they recall the events of Sunday, June 21, 1964, their last day on earth.

Coming soon, February 2018